b'JULY 20207 DPIE or Treasury should8 VPAs must be genuinely9 SIC based Tradeable collect and publishvoluntary. A strongerCredits should not be all data associatedlegislation base is required totime-limited and should with Section 7.11, 7.12,prohibit Councils from forcingbe able to be used more 7.24 contributions andapplicants into in-voluntarydirectly to develop SIC contributions under VPAsVPAs. VPAs should be under- identified infrastructure and these be reconciledpinned by the principle that alldirectly associated with against the delivery ofapplicants should be treatedthe property of the credit infrastructure. equally. holder.10 Rate pegging should be abolished. Councils rate base must be11 The role of IPART should able to be automatically adjusted upward to take into accountbe changed to ensure or reward population growth and increased density. This willtheir work considers incentivise councils to accept additional growth and densitythe impact of fees and and allow local government the ability to respond to increasingcharges of the feasibility expectations for its role as a community service provider. of development.12 There is a clear need for legislative guidance to inform the13 The State Government development of all fees, taxes and charges associated withshould progress discussions property development. A principles-based framework shouldwith States and the be established and used when considering any guidelines,Commonwealth to abolish policies or practice notes. DPIE needs to take a strongStamp Duty and replace approach with Councils, give clear guidelines, be transparentthe revenue with a broad-and fully accountable. Having a clear legislative frameworkbased tax which has a less to inform all Guidelines and Practice notes would removedistortionary impact on significant degrees of confusion and prevent Councils makingbehaviour and stimulates up their own rules. sales.14 NSW Treasury or the NSW15 The Local16 Consistent with Option 1 in the Productivity Commissioner orInfrastructureDPIE Discussion Paper, Local IPART should be required toGrowth SchemeInfrastructure contributions publish a comparison chart ofshould beshould re-applied based on a infrastructure fees and otherrestored orCPI compound adjustment of the charges applied to the newreplaced toinitial rates.Thus, they should households (free standing, towncover additionalnow be capped at a fixed rate house or multi storey apartmentcosts above theof $24,250 per dwelling in an development) between differentpegged rate toin-fill development location and Council areas in Greater Sydneyprevent further$36,370 per dwelling in greenfield and also publish a comparisondramaticdevelopment locations by the NSW table with other majorincreases toGovernment to enable housing capital cities (Melbourne andhouse prices. choice and bring downward Brisbane). pressure on housing prices. Affordable Housing is bestAn appealsAll levies - State 17 addressed by more approvals18 mechanism should19 Infrastructure and faster re-zonings of land. be established toContributions, s7.11 An incentive-based approachallow independentand s7.12 contributions, involving FSR and height bonusesreview of s7.12 leviesaffordable housing levies should be applied. The NSWto ensure they areand payments associated government should not rely onjustified by thewith planning agreements new home buyers to rectify theirprinciples-basedshould not be made own failure to ensure sufficientframework referred topayable until Occupation housing supply numbers. in Recommendation 12. Certificate stage.21'