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24 June 2016

The Smart Cities Plan sets out the Australian Government's vision for Australia's cities, and is focused around three key areas - smart investment, smart policy and smart technology. The Urban Taskforce raised concerns regarding the use of 'value capture' to fund infrastructure and provided information regarding the future urban form of cities.

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30 March 2016

The Draft Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2015 and the Draft Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2015 are part of a range of reforms aimed at overhauling the NSW strata system. The Urban Taskforce submission raises concerns addressing the defect identification process, selection and qualifications of building inspectors and building inspection reports.

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13 May 2016

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal produced an issues paper examining the NSW local government rating system. The UTA submission raised concerns regarding the methodology used to value property for the purposes of determining rates, impacts of rating upon urban consolidation and the need to reform local government financial operations.

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23 March 2016

The Department of Planning & Environment exhibited the Draft Hunter Regional Plan and the Draft Hunter City Plan which outlined directions and objectives for these areas till 2036. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding the lack of clear timeframes and deliverables, possible changes to infrastructure funding and the need to consult with industry when making changes to planning policy and strategy.

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29 February 2016

The Urban Taskforce submission highlights the need for an equitable and transparent approach to value capture associated with the provision of new transport infrastructure and outlines a range of options to fund transport infrastructure.

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24 March 2016

The Department of Planning & Environment exhibited the Draft Central Coast Regional Plan, which set out a vision for the region and a series of actions and directions addressing housing, employment, environment and governance. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding proposed changes to infrastructure contributions and governance and reporting arrangements to ensure the Plan is delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

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18 March 2016

The Council on Federal Financial Relations has formed an Affordable Housing Working Group to examine innovative ways to fund affordable housing. The Urban Taskforce submission suggested that a model similar to the National Rental Affordability Scheme could be developed that would attract institutional investment.

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11 March 2016

The City of Sydney Council exhibited the draft City of Sydney Developer Contributions Plan 2015, which included increasing contributions for certain areas, changing precinct boundaries and make minor changes to definitions. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding the contribution requirements for open space, which could not be justified as councils open space plan is not complete or publicly available.

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19 February 2016

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal produced a draft report of a review of the reporting and compliance burdens on local government. The Urban Taskforce submission addressed fees, data sharing, e-planning and suggested a one stop shop be adopted to streamline development processes.

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04 February 2016

The Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy identifies opportunities for additional homes and jobs along the town centres of the Bankstown rail line. The Urban Taskforce submission addresses concerns regarding housing and job targets, potential introduction of value capture, timeframes for delivery and rezoning under-utilised land along the corridor.