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07 August 2015

The Urban Taskforce submission supports the corridor as it will open up additional land in Sydney’s south west for development. Existing residential development should be disturbed as little as possible by the railway and land use around the railway stations should be maximised to ensure the benefits of the rail line can be realised. 

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11 August 2015- Steering and Executive Committee Meetings (Core Committee Member Event Only)

27 August 2015- Boardroom Lunch with Carolyn McNally, Secretary, Department of Planning & Environment (Core Member Event Only)

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The Development of the Year 2015 went to East Village, Victoria Park by Payce Consolidated Limited

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July 2015

Our submission focuses on the development opportunities associated with the Sydney Metro – CBD & South west project. Governance is crucial and Transport for NSW must work closely with the Department of Planning & Environment to ensure the benefits of this  new transport infrastructure are fully realised. Areas around metro stations must be reviewed to ensure land use zones and development controls will maximise development potential. The Urban Taskforce argues that strategic planning should upzone areas around stations for high density residential development where appropriate to allow the property market to deliver additional housing in accessible areas close to public transport.

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09 June 2015- Steering and Executive Committee Meetings (Member Only)

16 June 2015- Urban Visions- Green Square with Iwan Sunito, Crown Group & Koichi Takada Architect (Member Only Event)

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See our video on Density & Infrastructure:

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15 May 2015- Boardroom Lunch with Dr Andrew Leigh, Shadow Assistant Treasurer (Member Only Event)

15 April 2015- Boardroom Lunch with The Hon. Jamie Briggs, Federal Minister for Infrastructure & Regional Development (Member Only Event)

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03 March 2015- Twilight Tour Barangaroo Authority I (Member only event)

05 March 2015- Twilight Tour Barangaroo Authority II (Member only event)

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12 February 2015


While we are very supportive of the Parramatta Renewal project/s we were somewhat critical of the material that was placed on exhibition. In particular we were disappointed with the lack of detail provided to support the housing and jobs targets and urban form suggested in the draft strategy. We said that:
• The aims of the draft strategy are too conservative – more jobs and housing are possible;
• Local government support was expected and that the Government must not give in to local councils who do not wish to participate in the urban renewal process;
• the development industry urgently needs planning certainty and unfortunately what has been placed on exhibition cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered a “strategy”.