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14 October 2015

NSW Fair Trading conducted a review of ‘off the plan’ property sales, after concerns were raised regarding improper use of the ‘sunset clause’. The Urban Taskforce submission stated that the unethical use of the sunset clause is not supported and should be prevented, the extent of the misuse should be identified, and any proposed reforms to the current system should not unfairly disadvantage property developers.

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28 September 2015

The Building Professionals Act 2005 was reviewed to determined its validity and effectiveness, examine building and subdivision certification and its application in the wider building industry and make recommendations for reform. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding inconsistent and fragmented approaches to building standards and certification, the need to simplify the legislation and adopt more efficient online system and the need for more resourcing, training and support for certifiers.

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29 February 2016


The Urban Taskforce submission highlights the need for an equitable and transparent approach to value capture associated with the provision of new transport infrastructure and outlines a range of options to fund transport infrastructure. 


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18 September 2016

The Riverstone East Draft Precinct Plan recommends the rezoning of land in Riverstone East in stages to align with the delivery of infrastructure. The Urban Taskforce submission supports the rezoning of the site but raises concerns regarding developer levies, permissible density and development controls.

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18 September 2015

Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy The Urban Taskforce supports the Corridor Strategy, but believes that building heights and densities should be increased around stations, development controls should reflect Campbelltown's important role as a strategic regional centre. Development controls should be tested with industry to ensure that they lead to positive, financially-viable development.

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18 September 2015

The Strategy seeks to identify land uses and infrastructure required to support renewal of the Camellia site. The Urban Taskforce submission supports the renewal of the site, notes that development controls for the site must reflect the important of Greater Parramatta as a strategic centre and Sydney’s second CBD, infrastructure contributions should be reasonable and flexible planning controls will be needed to reflect changing market conditions.

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08 September 2015

Proposed Heritage Listing - Sirius Apartment Building The Urban Taskforce objects to the proposed addition of the Sirius Apartment building to the State Heritage Register. Although the building has some positive qualities, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that it is of such historical, associative, aesthetic or social significance that recognition on the register is required. We proposed the building is retained for adaptive re-use.

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August 2015

The Urban Taskforce reviewed the application and supporting documents for the proposed Crown Sydney Hotel Report, Barangaroo. UTF supports the proposal as the design and layout provides an excellent balance between the built form of the hotel and the natural environmental of the Barangaroo Reserve. The iconic location of the proposal requires a ‘landmark’ building and the design of the hotel should not be altered.  

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11 November: Boardroom Lunch with Tim Reardon, Secretary, Transport for NSW (Core Member Only Event)

17 November: Boardroom Lunch with Merylin Coombs, Deputy Head, Economic Analysis Department, Reserve Bank of Australia (Core Member Only Event)

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14 August 2015

The Australian Infrastructure Audit seeks to identify future demand for infrastructure over the next 14 years, to inform long term planning and future investment priorities. The Urban Taskforce supports the audit and notes the need to establish a strong link between infrastructure and land use planning, increase private sector involvement in infrastructure provision and ensure governance and responsibility for infrastructure is clearly separated between the three tiers of government.