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19 December 2015

Urban Growth NSW exhibited the Draft Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy outlining the future. transport and land use plans for the Corridor. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding infrastructure funding mechanisms, employment and housing targets, performance monitoring, rezoning of land and governance.

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18 December 2015

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development exhibited the Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2015 and Western Sydney Draft Airport Plan for public comment. The Urban Taskforce submission supported the development of the second airport but raised significant concerns regarding proposed noise contours, lack of rail link to the new airport and suggested more flexible employment zones be used to maximise use of this costly piece of infrastructure.

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18 November 2015

The Department of Planning & Environment has proposed changes to the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan template, which will make  ‘hardware and building supplies’ and ‘garden centres’ permissible uses in the Business Park, General Industrial and Light Industrial zones. The Urban Taskforce submissions supports increasing flexibility of retail zoning and notes that there is scope for further changes to the SI LEP template to improve business productivity and efficiency.

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18 November 2015

The Department of Planning & Environment publicly exhibited plans for the development of the Greater Macarthur Land Release Investigation Area, which identified Menangle Park, Mount Gilead and Wilton as new growth centres for housing and employment, infrastructure requirements and provided statutory framework for planning. The Urban Taskforce submission addressed infrastructure contributions, housing supply and governance.

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23 October 2015

The Hills Shire Council released The Hills Draft Corridor Strategy which outlines land use development over the next 20 years for each of the seven new Sydney Metro Northwest stations within or adjacent to The Hills local government area. The Urban Taskforce submission raises concerns that the development controls are inconsistent with state government plans for these areas, the plans do not consider site amalgamation and create confusion between state and local level planning strategies.

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16 October 2015

The Office of Local Government issued a discussion paper looking at a 'Joint Organisation' model for local government reform. The Urban Taskforce submission noted that this approach could be adopted in the Sydney Metropolitan area and presented an opportunity for planning centres of excellence to undertake strategic planning on behalf of councils.

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15 October 2015

The Department of Planning & Environment has reviewed the pre-Gateway review process to consider whether the pre-Gateway review is achieving its objectives, the efficiency and effectiveness of the pre-Gateway process and the role and performance of the Department and the Joint Regional Planning Panels. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns questioning whether JRPPs are truly independent, the need for strong state level strategic planning, the need for performance indicators and opportunities to amend proposals should be included.

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14 October 2015

NSW Fair Trading conducted a review of ‘off the plan’ property sales, after concerns were raised regarding improper use of the ‘sunset clause’. The Urban Taskforce submission stated that the unethical use of the sunset clause is not supported and should be prevented, the extent of the misuse should be identified, and any proposed reforms to the current system should not unfairly disadvantage property developers.

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28 September 2015

The Building Professionals Act 2005 was reviewed to determined its validity and effectiveness, examine building and subdivision certification and its application in the wider building industry and make recommendations for reform. The Urban Taskforce submission raised concerns regarding inconsistent and fragmented approaches to building standards and certification, the need to simplify the legislation and adopt more efficient online system and the need for more resourcing, training and support for certifiers.

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29 February 2016


The Urban Taskforce submission highlights the need for an equitable and transparent approach to value capture associated with the provision of new transport infrastructure and outlines a range of options to fund transport infrastructure.