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29 June 2012

Submission on the Metropolitan Strategy Discussion Paper: Sydney over the next 20 years


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11 August 2011

Land use planning failures are risking the Lower Hunters future as NSWs economic power house. If things keep going as they are, the Lower Hunters future growth will look more like Launcestons instead of an economic success story like Geelong.

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7 July 2011

Infrastructure NSW must now prepare and submit a 20-year state infrastructure strategy. However, the legislation suggests that the infrastructure planning will take place against the backdrop of current land use plans and population projections. This is worrying, because the projections and targets in the current land use plans are only a shadow of comparable interstate figures.

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06 May 2010

Australia would be making a serious mistake if any government attempted to cap the annual rate of population growth to half its historical level and keep numbers under 30 million at 2050.
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12 October 2009

It will be more difficult for Sydney to the accommodate new housing made necessary by anticipated population growth and demographic change without new and expanded transport infrastructure. The more that is invested in new, well-planned transport infrastructure, the easier it will be for Sydney to respond to the growth challenge it faces. Furthermore increased co-ordinated investment will also inspire business confidence and encourage private sector investment in transport-orientated urban development projects.