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11 August 2011

Identifying the problems in and proposing solutions for the NSW planning system. Initial submission by the Urban Taskforce to the preliminary stage of the Planning Review.

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A more comprehensive summary of the changes to the Act is here

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24 June 2011

A permanent solution to this problem is essential and urgent. We ask the government to complete the review as quickly as possible, whilst still proving an opportunity for industry, including ourselves, to participate in the process.

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27 April 2011

We think it would be a serious mistake to impose punitive taxes on people investing in more than one rental property. Such a policy would cripple Australias supply of new housing and have severe economic impacts.
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01 March 2011

Levy amounts, as presented, are too high but the Departments definition of net developable area make them utterly indefensible. Crucial information has been omitted from the exhibition documents. The Hunter Expressway should not be included.Industrial land includes a wide range of non-industrial land uses. The exemptions from the levy defy logic and must be broader. Deed of charge may conflict with landowners obligations to their first or second mortgagees. Requiring a deferred payment to be made 21 days before settlement will create financing problems.
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25 February 2011

The Department of Planning released the public consultation documents for a proposed levy on new homes in the Lower Hunter (said to be $8,80 per lot) and a levy on new homes in the southern Illawarra (said to be $6,200 per lot). The Department is also proposing a $42,100 levy on each hectare of new Lower Hunter industrial land, and a $29,000 levy on each hectare of Illawarra industrial land.
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25 December 2010

A review the draft special infrastructure contribution practice notes for the Western Sydney Growth Area and the Western Sydney Employment areas.
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17 May 2010

The three per cent levy is a thinly disguised betterment tax. The reality is a 3 per cent levy will not raise even a fraction of the $109 million sought if only because the levy will act as a barrier to the development of Chatswood.
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05 February 2010

Any attempt to impose a connection to the national broadban network on all new development will give a planning/consent authority enormous power to block a development if some (potentially) very expensive arrangements are not put in place.
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01 February 2010

The Ku-ring-gai plan is not fair and reasonable. The plan's excessive levies will result in reduced urban renewal.
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11 September 2009

Local government taxes, fees and charges have had a significant and adverse impact on the development industry.