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7 October 2011

Insofar as it relates to land use regulation, we support the tone and thrust of the draft report. Having said this, there are some specific matters that should be re-considered.
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26 September 2011

An appeal right for rezoning applicants is a key interim reform strongly sought by industry.  An applicant should be entitled to make, and have determined, a development application (including a ˜concept staged development application) even if the development is prohibited by a statutory plan.

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26 September 2011

A under the current policy settings, it seems more likely that the Standard Instrument will be used to entrench the micro-regulation of land use across NSW. This was never the original intention of the Standard Instrument process.

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20 September 2011

The planning principles should be directed to employment lands generally, which should
include land uses associated with the largest share of employment in our economy - retail and
office premises.

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11 August 2011

Identifying the problems in and proposing solutions for the NSW planning system. Initial submission by the Urban Taskforce to the preliminary stage of the Planning Review.

Download Hansard transcript here

A more comprehensive summary of the changes to the Act is here

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30 June 2011

The proposed Centre Design Guidelines represent another 90 pages of controls with 396 new principles to further regulate urban development. They will be added to the existing 1,060 Department of Planning and Infrastructure policy documents regulating development in the state.
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24 May 2011

The structure and performance of the Australian retail industry is adversely impacted by planning and zoning laws.
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17 May 2011

Speaking broadly, the most striking feature of the Citys proposals is their complexity.
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17 March 2011

Provisions in relation to the signage for the marketing of new homes require improvement.
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16 March 2011

When private developers are unable to develop new housing, it is ordinary homebuyers and renters who suffer most. Almost everyone shops and works in premises developed by the private sector and more are required.