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11 November 2013

The Urban Taskforce appreciates the importance of Regional Growth Plans as a means of coordinating local governments to drive regional planning and infrastructure delivery. We have

reviewed the Illawarra discussion paper and our key issues for the Regional Growth Plan are the need to:

  • set clear minimum housing targets;
  • encourage land use flexibility; and,
  • identify an equitable means of funding infrastructure to support housing production.
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16th October 2013

We are very concerned with statements made by the Minister for Planning made via media release of 19 September 2013. The Minister announced significant changes to the reform package detailed in the White Paper including a lessening of the focus on Code Assessable development, maintaining the existing thirty five (35) land use zones, introducing changes to the existing, successful Complying Development system and allowing local variations to State based codes. We see these amendments as being a major watering down of necessary and urgently needed reforms.

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14 October 2013

The Urban Taskforce has consistently argued that for development to occur there is an urgent need for planning authorities to acknowledge that the development industry must be provided with a planning system that will support the delivery of housing that responds to market demand. Lackluster development performance has been the result of inflexible and/or inappropriate planning controls in a number of locations in the Growth Centres and also infill locations within the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

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13 September 2013

Our primary concern with the major development assessment process comes from the fact that Australia has a number of pieces of State and Commonwealth legislation that control development while aiming to protect the environment. It is encouraging that the Commission's draft report highlights the problems with a duplicative assessment system and recommends changes consistent with those suggested by the Urban Taskforce.

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16 August 2013

We support an approach to planning where key precincts are identified and then site  specific planning is carried out to enable the amendment of a Local Environmental Plan to permit otherwise prohibited development.  We are encouraged to note that the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct Proposal states that flexible planning controls are proposed to guide development.  This idea of flexibility is supported by the adoption of a mixed use zoning across the majority of the precinct.

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23 August 2013

The Broader WSEA is a vast area which requires bold planning and significant government investment to drive development outcomes, supporting growth and investment.  We urge the Government to maintain a sense of urgency by ensuring that local environmental plans are amended and infrastructure provided as a matter of priority. 


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12 August 2013

The Draft Oxford Falls Valley and Belrose North Strategic Review considers the development controls that currently apply to land under Warringah Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2000 to allow this land to be brought into Warringah LEP 2011. The vast majority of the land is to be zoned E3 Environmental Management. we are cautious with the application of a land use zone that may result in existing  permitted land uses becoming prohibited. Some land that is to be zoned E3 has been cleared for agricultural type uses and/or is currently used for such use. We argue that the application of an E3 zone in such circumstance is not an appropriate planning response.

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19 August 2013

The Urban Taskforce understands that the draft Botany Bay Dev and replace all the existing plans and policies that apply to the majority land within the City of Botany Bay. We generally support efforts made by councils to consolidate plans, thereby removing some of the complexity from the planning process. We also see great value in this process as it often results in a review and refinement of development controls. However, upon review of your draft plan, a number of proposed controls raise serious concerns.

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08 August 2013

The Urban Taskforce welcomes the Governments continued review of the Land Acquisition (JustTerms Compensation) Act 1991 ("the Act"). It is encouraging to note that the recently released JustTerms Compensation Legislation Consultation Paper (the consultation paper) acknowledges thatthere is general concern with the impacts of compulsory acquisition of private land and notes theprevious comments from the Urban Taskforce provided via correspondence dated 15th June 2012.