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on 24 February 2011.

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August 2015

The Urban Taskforce reviewed the application and supporting documents for the proposed Crown Sydney Hotel Report, Barangaroo. UTF supports the proposal as the design and layout provides an excellent balance between the built form of the hotel and the natural environmental of the Barangaroo Reserve. The iconic location of the proposal requires a ‘landmark’ building and the design of the hotel should not be altered.  

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17 September 2014

The Urban Taskforce position is simple, and we have had the same position since 2004 – we advocate a complete national blanket ban on political donations from anyone—corporations or individuals. Such a ban would include developers, lawyers, doctors, trade unions, miners, tobacco companies or environmentalists.

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08 April 2014

We strongly advocate for government policy and legislation that supports residential development. We argue that investment in new residential development projects assists in the delivery of much needed housing and also stimulates growth of our construction industry.  While this review is said to consider foreign investment in residential real estate, we fear that the review will focus on Chinese investment. Focusing on a particular Country’s investment is counterproductive and dare we say, xenophobic.